One of the first questions we get asked at Kolstad Hair Restoration is about the cost of a hair transplant.   The procedure fees are calculated based on the type of transplant, the length of time required and complexity of the procedure.

For men and women looking to treat androgenic alopecia our most common hair transplant session is around 2,000 grafts.  A large session like this requires a full day to extract and place two thousand hair grafts.  Dr. Kolstad and his hair team will typically be involved in the procedure from 7 AM to 5 PM.  A large volume session requiring multiple technicians and a full day typically costs around $9,000 to $13,000.

Not everyone requires a full hair transplant.  For men experiencing loss of hair in the temples smaller sessions of 1,200 to 1,600 hair grafts are performed.  A smaller hair transplant requires less time, less personnel and has a reduced cost of around $6,000 to $8,000.

We typically do not perform sessions of less than 1,000 grafts for treatment of androgenic alopecia.  Spreading a small number of hair grafts over a large area of scalp does not lead to an enhanced appearance and would likely cause a high level of patient dissatisfaction.  The most important outcome in every one of our hair transplant procedures is for the patient to be pleased with the results and fell like they received a good outcome.
Dr. Kolstad does perform smaller hair transplants to treat things other than male pattern baldness.  Eyebrow transplant typically require 400 to 600 hair grafts.  Poorly placed facelift and forehead lift scars can be camouflaged using 400 to 800 hair grafts.  Mustache and beard thinning can be improved using 500 to 900 hair grafts.  The cost of hair transplants on the face requires more technical precision and a very precise placement of each hair graft.

Have more questions about hair transplants in San Diego?  Please visit our informational page  here.  Don’t forget to view Dr. Kolstad’s gallery of Before & After images.

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