Woman’s Hair Transplant San Diego

Case #41.

This woman was concerned with temporal hair loss.  Both men and women can have a natural loss of the temple and frontal hairline without expressing full androgenic alopecia.  She was treated using a 1,412 graft hair transplant to restore the hairline.  FUE hair restoration was used to minimize downtime and prevent FUT scarring.  Dr. Kolstad recommends using a layered technique to the donor site to prevent shaving the entire head.

EARLY RESULTS (Immediately after and 1 week post treatment)


Image Captions:

  1. Temple Hair Loss in Women: Right temple hairline creation before grafting.
  2. Temple Hair Transplant Women in San Diego: Left temple hairline creation before grafting.
  3. Womens Hair Transplant 1820: Frontal hairline creation before grafting.
  4. Woman FUE Hair Transplant: One week after FUE hair transplant. Healed donor site after FUE hair transplant.
  5. Woman FUE Hair Transplant San Diego: FUE hair grafts are prepared for implantation. The excess soft tissue is groomed and the grafts are separated into follicles with 1, 2, 3 and 4 hair shafts. The single hair follicles are used in the front of the hairline. Hair follicles with 2 or more hair shafts are placed behind the rows of singles to add density.  

MATURE RESULTS (After 10 months or more of hair growth)

Additional San Diego Hair Transplant Information

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