Hair Transplant San Diego Case #15

Temple Hairline Restoration.

This patient was concerned with hair loss in his temples. He underwent a FUE hair transplant at our office in San Diego.  A small hair transplant of  1,500 grafts was used to restore the temporal hairline.  A FUE hair transplant was used to minimize downtime and prevent FUT scarring.   

Part of the artistry of hairline creation is avoiding geometric and curvilinear patterns. The anterior hairline was made in a variegated pattern to create a more natural appearance. Single hair follicular grafts were used to create the anterior border with multiple hair follicular grafts placed posteriorly.  

In this hair transplant before and after gallery you will see how the hairline looks right after treatment, a week later as well as long term results after the hair has fully grown.

EARLY RESULTS (Immediately after and 1 week post treatment)


Image Captions:

  1. Neograft San Diego 51: After 1,500 graft session to restore temporal and frontal recission.
  2. Neograft San Diego 52: Seven days after treatment the hair has grown long enough to cover the extraction sites.
  3. Neograft San Diego 53: Seven days after treatment the hair can be groomed to cover the insertion sites.
  4. Neograft San Diego 54: Before and 1 week after FUE hairline creation.

MATURE RESULTS (After 10 months or more of hair growth)

Image Captions:

  1. Hair Transplant San Diego 501: 1,500 graft hairline restoration.
  2. Hair Transplant San Diego 502: FUE hair transplant used to create a very natural, elegant frontal hairline. 
  3. Hair Transplant San Diego 503: Temporal hair recession restored using FUE to create a more youthful hairline. 
  4. Hair Transplant San Diego 504: FUE used to restore frontal and temporal hairline recession. 

Additional San Diego Hair Transplant Information

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