Case #21.
This patient had diffuse thinning of the fontal, temporal, vertex and crown areas.  Many of our patients are so pleased with the results of their initial hair transplant, a second or third session are common.  This patient’s initial hair transplant was designed to augment the frontal hairline.  A separate hair grafting session was performed to supplement the crown and vertex. 

MATURE RESULTS (After 10 months or more of hair growth)

Image Captions:
♦ Hair Transplant San Diego 1: Dr. Kolstad practices state-of-the-art technique for hair restoration extracting and inserting hair follicles one at a time.  Microfollicular Unit Grafting using microscopic dissection and individual follicular unit insertion to recreate a more youthful hairline.
♦ Hair Transplant San Diego 2: Hair transplantation should lead to a very natural and rewarding result.  You and Dr. Kolstad will know where the grafts were placed, your hairdresser should not.  
♦ Hair Transplant San Diego 3: Depending on your goals and the number of donor follicles, the grafts can be used to restore a frontal hairline, the vertex or the crown of the scalp.
♦ Hair Transplant San Diego 4: A very natural and youthful hairline created by Dr. Kolstad.
♦ Hair Transplant San Diego 5:  Hair transplantation is a safe, effective, and successful way to restore your hairline.  

Additional San Diego Hair Transplant Information

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Hair Transplant in San Diego From A Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

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