The artistry of hairline creation

Every person has a unique type and distribution of hair loss. Dr. Kolstad does not rubber stamp the same hairline pattern on all his patients. Most patients with androgenic alopecia experience temporal recession with varying degrees of frontal hair loss. In extensive cases almost all of the hair on the crown and vertex is lost.   

The best hair transplant surgeons in San Diego create unique hairlines to meet your specific pattern of alopecia. The number of follicular units required, graft orientation and naturalness are dependent on the surgeon’s expertise and artistic inclinations. Long gone are the days of hair plugs (groupings of 20 hairs). Using state-of-the-art technology a perfectly natural appearing hair transplant may be easier than you think. The following are examples of common patterns of hair loss and Dr. Kolstad’s hair transplant surgeries. 


Before and Immediately After FUE Hair Transplant Hairline Creation

Case 1) Temporal Recession 

Most men experience some degree of temporal hair recession. If the frontal forelock remains relatively thick, a small session temporal hair transplant consisting of around 1,500 hair grafts is recommended.

temporal hairline transplant san diego 105


Image caption: Temporal recession can be restored using FUE hair transplants requiring fewer grafts. Depending on the severity of the hair loss sessions of 1,000 -1,600 hair grafts are recommended. 

Case 2)  Temporal with Frontal Hairline Recession

A common presentation of androgenic alopecia is loss of the temple hair combined with frontal hair loss.  Depending on the thickness of the frontal hairline hair transplant sessions around 1,800 grafts are recommended.

frontal hairline transplant san diego

Image caption: Temporal recession combined with thinning of the frontal forelock. FUE hair transplants requiring 1,500 -2,000 hair grafts are recommended. 

Case 3)  Temporal with Advanced Frontal Hairline Recession

frontal hair transplant san diego 650

Image caption: Frontal and temporal hairline recession require more hair grafts to provide adequate density.  The best hair transplants will require 2,000 to 3,000 grafts. 

Case 4)  Vertex and Crown Hair Loss

occipital hair transplant san diego 567 

Image caption: Hair loss of the crown and vertex can also be restored using FUE hair transplants.  The crown hair is naturally distributed in a multidirectional swirling pattern.  The transplanted hair grafts are placed to mimic the natural direction and orientation of crown hairs.  Posterior hair transplants typically require at least 2,000 grafts to make a meaningful difference.  Sometimes multiple sessions are required for occipital hair restoration.


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